1. satire? you have the barest command of basic english. may i suggest that you have a long way to go before you’re ready to try satire?
  2. ‘threats’? what threats would those be?
  3. you write like a high school freshman who thinks he’s managed a sick burn on the school principal. you’re in no position to lecture anyone on ‘maturity’.
  4. “You should also understand that making a joke” i didn’t actually see any jokes, just whiny bullshit from a dedicated asshole.
  5. “which pokes fun at a new cultural expectation that people bow to the belief that there are 200+ genders” see, this take? this one right here? it’s idiotic and reveals that you’re both shallow and stupid. a bad combo on any issue, but since this one actually affects real people and their real lives, it’s particularly offensive.
  6. “does not make someone an evil transphobe.” no, it’s the transphobia that makes you an evil transphobe.
  7. “Good luck on the game designs” i don’t actually need luck; i have skill and talent and two decades of experience, and multiple shipped titles. good luck on the… whatever it is you do when you’re not shitting your rhetorical diapers online.
  8. “cheer up” your response has made me extremely cheerful, because i’m overjoyed at how much whinier and more pathetic it was than your original post. i suspected you had nothing to say of any value, and i was right. i love being right.

game designer and professional trans person. i made battletech (2018). she/her. @persenche on twitter.

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